The work posted here are paintings of various subjects using watercolor or acrylic paints.

"it's a Labor of Love" is a watercolor painted from a compilation of photos taken at Leu Gardens in Orlando. I happened upon the rose garden keeper and asked if this was his main work. He replied, "It's my only work but it is a labor of love."

Frank Lloyd Wright created amazing art in his buldings and "Falling Waters" depicts his famous design. This is an unconventional view, the waterfall would be in front of the building to the left.

Oia village on Santorini Island is a artist paradise. I was fortunate to visit and saw a painting at every turn. Couldn't help myself paint a few scenes from the hundreds of photos.

"AIR" is painted from a compilation of photos. I was looking for the drama of the mountain range and the snowboarders, who seem to know no boundary.

Thanks for your interest.


"It's a Labor of Love"Y

"Falling Waters"
Santorini Mules

"Heaven's Gate"

"Oia Sunset"

"Chapel on Kos"

"The Olive Grove"



"Late Afternoon Quiet"

"Arts 'n Craft"

"Holopaw Ranch"

"The Road Home"

"Tuscan Villa"