Prints of select work now available online…

I have ‘opened’ a gallery at FineArtAmerica is a fulfillment service with locations all over the world. My art is offered in a number of sizes and formats. The service also include optional framing. Ships direct to your location. Give it a look.

WC study of the Fez Market, Morocco

Fez Market, Morocco from photo courtesy of friend…

This is my first watercolor painted on Strathmore Toned Tan Multi-Media sheet. I have used this sheet for life drawing subjects but never tried to paint a landscape. I like the result.

Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria Shore, photo courtesy of a friend.

First time using Saunders WC paper #140 cold press. I’m sold, really liked the surface.

Trying Saunders WC paper

This make of paper was recommended recently and thought I would give it a try.
Saunders Cold Press #90 white sheet. Good color hold out and a very nice surface.
It comes in 140# and should be even better in holding shape and absorption.

Morocco street scene from photo provided by friend/traveler

Small seascape

Port Macquari, Australia?

This was a donated image by a friend traveler.

I think I was channeling Ted Kautsky, one of my favorite watercolor artists (American, Architect, Artist 1896-1953) when painting this.

It’s OK but still have a lot of work to do to get to where I am not second guessing every stroke.

Back to Basics

Ran across Tim Wilmot, watercolorist, on YouTube and watched a couple of his online demos and then attended an online in-person event as he painted a street scene in Uganda. Anyway, thought I would post a couple of my first-brush attempts after this instruction. My goal is to become looser in my painting and try more colors. Hard to break old habits.

The Peter Iredale ship wreck is rusty and washed up along the Astoria Oregon coast, within the Fort Steven’s State Park. Site of recent wedding of my nephew.
Harbor at an island in Greece
Kabale, Uganda Subject suggested and demonstrated on by Tim Wilmot. Then we get to give it a go.
Source photo… what to keep, what to loose.