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Using a photo taken in summer, I imagined how it might look on a winter’s day.

Tried this painting on a hot press paper, milled by Saunders. Hot press paper is very smooth. It is milled with smooth hot rollers and the process seals the surface and allows for exceptional color hold out.

View from the Harbor to the inlet

Playing with shapes and colors with this rural scene. Splattered some resist over the first washes and continued. The higihlights, I tried conte white crayon and liked the result. Reflected light on buildings by rewetting and dropping like color from… Continue Reading →

A view of the bridge and palace on the Imperial Palace grounds, Tokyo, Japan. A recent acrylic on canvas, 11×14, from a photo.A combining of technique of watercolor and acrylic painting.

When I find myself seeking inspiration for a subject to paint, I will often thumb through one of my ‘how to’ books. “Ways with Watercolor’ was published in 1950 by watercolorist Ted Kautzky. I decided to spend some time reproducing… Continue Reading →

Watercolor of a mill in Southwest France.

Painted using NASA photos for reference. Acrylic on 11×14 canvas.

Spent a fabulous day there in 2006. After the donkey to the top ride, we rented mopeds and decided to go to Oia. A painting subject at every turn. I wanted to win the lottery and move there and paint… Continue Reading →

This watercolor depicts one of the many small villages that are along the Rhine River in Germany between Trier and the Main River. Reference from a photo taken during river trip.

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