Frequently Asked Questions… I get a few

Are the originals, along with the prints, available?
Many of the originals are available, some have been sold but I retain some copyright. Originals are quoted for purchase with and without copyrights. If you are interested in a piece, contact me by email.

Are there any special handling requirements when framing your prints?
It’s recommended that you treat your print the same as any original watercolor. It should be protected from moisture and should not be placed in direct sunlight. Acid free matts will prevent discoloration over time. Glass or plexiglass, better with UV protection, is the best deterrent to sunlight causing fading.

How accurate is the color of the prints to the original?
I work closely with my production experts to achieve the look and feel in the print that is closest to the original as possible. Remember, color on the Web can vary due to individual monitor settings. Web images were created with monitor setting “Adobe RGB” on a MAC.

What resolution are the images on the Web site?
The images are 72 dpi, low resolution scans from photos of the original paintings. The prints are generated from high resolution image files at the fulfillment service.

Do you work with wholesalers?
Yes, special pricing is available. Commissions and limited editions can be arranged. Paintings can be printed in editions to meet your needs. Option for delivered signed and framed, ready to hang can be arranged.

My golf images are good examples of this. Your commissioned original can be used in real estate development promotions, as flight gifts for tournament, as premiums in new member document packages, promotional materials. All commissions deliver with copyright.

Direct your questions to mike malloy. I will get back immediately.

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rev 3/2022